Monthly Archives: August 2016

Lady Grangers Keep On Hustling, But They Fall To Heard, 7-2


Through the thick, the thin and the defeats, La-Grange High softball is still unified. Coach Gabby Heath and the Lady Grangers have that to build on. LaGrange High admittedly is looking for answers with a 1-5 record. But the girls are still hustling and trying in all seven innings of each and every fast pitch game. “We’ve suffered some injuries, ...

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Cavaliers Rock LaGrange, 37-6; Wiggins: “We Kept Grinding”


The stadium was electric and for good reason on Friday night. Callaway and LaGrange High were playing. The Cavaliers and Grangers ushered in their seasonopening football game at Callaway Stadium with a loud crowd of 7,000 or so fans in the building. This game was for bragging rights. It was also for keeps, and this rivalry still means something. Just ...

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At Kiwanis, It’s Not Boy Scouts, “It’s Fun Scouts”


Even though the Kiwanis Club closes off its year in September, club members are already looking forward to upcoming plans for our county’s education system. Guest speaker, Joe Westbrook, has served with Boy Scouts for 53 years and gives credit to its program for his character and success. While working with Boy Scouts for such an extensive time, Joe has ...

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Nesper Celebrates 20 Years And Expansion With Groundbreaking


For over 20 years now, one international company has left its footprint all around the world, and one of those impressions has made its mark here in LaGrange and Troup County. Nesper International is not only a company with a worldwide outreach, but it is also a company that has invested heavily here in our local community. As they prepare ...

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Dope Gets DUI For Smoking Dope With Baby In The Car


LaGrange Police have arrested a man on several drug charges after he allegedly drove around with a baby smoking marijuana. In the early morning hours of August 16, about 12:48 a.m., LaGrange Police were in the area of Hogansville Road near Cleveland Street when officers observed a blue Nissan Pathfinder traveling with only one working headlight. Police then initiated a ...

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Dr. Richard Prior Speaks At Rotary


The Rotary Club here in LaGrange has been quite active for the last few months. In a meeting just a month or so ago, they celebrated the end of their year with a massive meeting at Turner Hall on the LaGrange College campus, a meeting where they named the new leaders for the next year and gave out several awards ...

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Troup County Board Of Education—“Another Side Of The Relationship”

Callaway High School’s Junior ROTC presented the colors and pledge of allegiance to start off the Troup County Board of Education’s August 18 meeting. Hollis Hand Elementary students also showcased a few songs they have learned in their Strings Attached Program for all of the board members and academic staff present. Afterwards, Ted Alford, Dr. Cole Pugh, and the rest ...

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American Home Shield Participates in We Serve Day


This community understands the idea behind public service, and better yet, its citizens embody the definition of selflessness that giving to others requires. Soup kitchens, shelters, food closets—you name it, and a local church, school, or company provides it. But when a Fortune 500 corporation reaches out to 115 E Cannon Street’s Boys and Girls Club, the impact becomes even ...

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County Working With Department Heads, Solving Pay Issues

Troup County has a history of excellence and has quickly become one of the greatest counties in the United States to live in and raise a family. The incredible law enforcement in our community, the solid leadership, and the true, kind, and caring people that live here make it a community that is a standard of excellence to behold. Recently ...

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Genius Burglarizes Home, Posts Evidence Online


Investigators with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office have arrested a Hogansville man after he allegedly burglarized a home and attempted to sell items he stole by posting them on Facebook. According to Sheriff’s Investigators, deputies began looking into the burglary, which allegedly occurred on August 13 in Northern Troup County. Sheriff’s Investigators, along with members of the Troup County Sheriff’s ...

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