Monthly Archives: September 2016

Wednesday September 14th – OBITS (7)

Albert Roger Hobbs Albert Roger Hobbs was born February 20, 1953, the son of Lorene and Grover Hobbs deceased. Hobbs passed away Tuesday September 6, 2016 at the home of his brother Allen after a long fight with cancer. Roger is survived by his wife Holly Williams,  brother Allen and Joan Hobbs of Pell City Al, a nephew Jody Hobbs ...

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Grangers Are Still Reeling, Indians Hold LHS To 27 Yards


Another Friday night simply meant another ugly loss for the Grangers. East Coweta was the latest team to hang the Grangers out to dry. The Indians beat LaGrange High, 42-0 in another dominating football display – this time at Callaway Stadium for all 4,000 fans to see. It wasn’t pretty, but it was pretty brutal for the Grangers. LaGrange High, ...

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River House Gets A Ribbon Cutting


There are some places that seem to pass through space and time un-aged, where the beauty and magnetism of long ago creates a majestic atmosphere. These are places that are humbling to walk through as you feel the ages of imperfections and where you can be still in awe of history’s secrets that her walls hold. Such is the essence ...

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Count to 40, and then count again. Each time you reach 40, someone around the world has successfully committed suicide. It’s an uncomfortable statistic, but is it painful enough? Bring the reality closer to home. Take suicide off of the global charts and discover that it is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. That means 42,773 ...

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Lafayette Wins Award For Georgia GOAL


As people all living and sharing this earth together, the argument can be made that one of our most fundamental and inalienable rights is that of education. Knowledge is the most powerful tool that we have to help one another and that is a privilege that we must not take for granted. Here in the US, the state of education ...

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