Annual Lions Club Golf Tournament Wins Big for Our Community

The Lions Club annual golf tournament was held on Thursday September 6th. A total of 19 teams of 4 players on each team competed for a winning trophy. The 1st place winners were Hometown Physicians, Matt Orr State Farm came in for a 2nd place win, and Synovus Mortgage came in 3rd. “It was a great success”, stated Club President, Lindsay Fenn. Tournament Director, Murray Schine stated,” This tournament was one of the most successful we’ve ever had”.

Approximately 61 sponsors contributed to this year’s golf fundraising event. Bottled water for the tournament was provided by Parmer Water Company. “It was a very hot day and the water was so appreciated”, Murray Schine stated. He also shared accolades for the Highland Country Club and their great job of hosting the event. Schine added; “As always Chickfil- A donates food for a breakfast or lunch meal every year, and it is greatly appreciated”.

If you missed the golf tournament raffle, be sure to get in on it next year. A total of 18 different prizes were raffled, including two overnight beach accommodations at Seagrove; season tickets to LaGrange symphony; as well as, LaGrange College Football; handcrafted knives; Costa sunglasses; and several generous gift cards. “The raffle really helps to bolster the fundraiser”, said Fenn.

The number one mission of the Lions Club is to help those with vision needs. Members are currently volunteering their time to perform vision screenings for 2nd and 5th grade children in all the elementary schools in Troup County. It’s really worthwhile”, said Murray Schine. Several other charities that are currently on the roster are as follows; LaGrange Eye Clinic, Dr Brown and Associates, The Fackler Scholarship, Canine Companions, Camp for the Blind, Lighthouse Foundation, Troup Cares, Leader Guide Dogs, Sheriff’s Youth Home, Boy Scouts of America, Salvation Army, and LaGrange Personal Aid. Also, recently added to their list of contributions are hearing and diabetes screenings.

For more than ten years the annual golf tournament has been the biggest fund raiser of the year for La-Grange Lions Club. In keeping with their motto, “We Serve”, the Lions Club makes every dollar count for our community. The Club depends heavily on sponsors and fund-raising events to be able to give. Other fundraisers held by the Club are the barbecue in November, The adult field-day in April, and added this year, will be a fundraiser at the Cotton Pickin Fair. Members of the Club also help to coordinate the clay shooting event at Big Red Oak.

In a recent interview, Director Murray Schine said; “It’s amazing to me how supportive these people are who get asked every day; “will you give to this?”; and many of them are constantly being asked for contributions; it really is so nice for them to act like you’re the only person that has ever asked”. He said, “We are really very blessed.”

“LaGrange really does have a great base of people that are willing to contribute and help with fundraisers like this and we are very fortunate”; said Lindsay Fenn.

Currently the LaGrange Lions Club has about 85 members. Each member contributes financially to the community as well as volunteering in many capacities.

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Lindsay Fenn and Larkin Cleaveland Dorsey, serving lunches before tee off. Both ladies helped in many capacities for the golf tournament.

Jane Hollis, Linda Mack, and Donna Cherry at the registration table for the Lions Club Golf Tournament.

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Tammy Greathouse Staff Writer