Standoff Resolved At West Point Motel

Around 2:30 pm on Tuesday, February 7, law enforcement received information from a caller that there were two suspects out of Florida, identified for a home invasion and possible murders, whose vehicle was spotted at West Point Motel.

Law enforcement confirmed that the vehicle was the suspects’.

Some individuals held themselves up in one of the motel rooms and law enforcement requested that they come out peacefully. Even without direct contact, officers had concrete belief that the suspects were in that room.

The suspects were later confirmed as Mary Rice and William Boyette. Rice has been taken into custody and Boyette has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Allegedly, the two had been on a four-day crime spree that included killing three people and injuring another.

Today’s standoff was a dangerous situation, but the U.S. Marshal’s, West Point Police Department, the Georgia State Patrol, and the Troup County Sheriff’s Office came together to resolve the issue in the safest, most efficient way possible.

“We’re just glad none of our guys got hurt. Obviously, we didn’t want anyone to take their own life, but we are glad it did end this way with a peaceful resolution,” stated Sergeant Stewart Smith of the Troup County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff James Woodruff broke down the long, precarious process of today’s safe end.

“This afternoon someone called our office and told us they thought the car in question that was taken in the home invasion was at the West Point Motel. We sent officers down immediately to confirm that was, indeed, the car.”

Officers surrounded the motel, and the suspects opened the curtain and waved at the officers. Sheriff Woodruff explained that law enforcement knew at that point that those were the suspects.

Officers also talked to the hotel clerk that was on duty last night, and she confirmed by looking at a picture of the female that this was the female that made reservations. The female suspect used her ID to make the hotel reservations Monday night.

“We immediately had officers come down, and surround and secure the motel. Once we got on scene, I called the US Marshals and also called for the Georgia State Patrol SWAT team to come down. We formulated a plan on what they were going to do with their entry. Once they got down here and started, they opened the door and she came out, and we took her into custody and got her away from the scene. A short time later they heard a single gunshot and opened the door and realized he killed himself from a single gunshot.”

No one had been able to make contact with the couple beforehand.

“Once we got down here, it just started unrolling real quickly. I think once he saw the machinery and the people, he knew something was about to happen so she gave up. And as soon as she gave up, and was out of the way, he ended up taking his own life,” explained Sheriff Woodruff.

The female suspect was Mirandized and then taken to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office.

The District Attorney from Escambia County, Florida has been in continuous contact with Sheriff Woodruff and has plans to interview the suspect who will later be extradited back to Florida.

The GBI is coming to Troup County to investigate the scene.

Though an investigation is not complete, law enforcement believe these suspects have went on a crime spree of two home invasions that led to two separate killings.

Sheriff James Woodruff is thankful that after the standoff no law enforcement or civilians were hurt.

“I’m so thankful that none of the law enforcement officers were hurt. Here in Troup County, unfortunately, we’ve had a lot going on, and we’ve had a lot of different things happening.

When this came out today, I said, ‘My goodness, this is going to be something else!’.

And we all got down here, and we were slow and methodical and we knew what the plan was; and thankfully, we had help from the US Marshal’s Office and the Georgia State Patrol SWAT team, and this thing ended, I guess, as well as it could. The only way it could have ended any better maybe is if we could have taken him into custody.

I appreciate the media. I believe it is because of the media today that the citizen came forward and said, ‘That car is at the West Point Motel’.

Thanks to ya’ll for what ya’ll do every day to help us to get the word out.

And thanks to the citizen for taking the initiative to call us. That lady or man today could have just minded their own business and we probably wouldn’t be here right now.”