Monday, March 20th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report Fox’s Pizza Den: 2170 West Point Road, Unit 6, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 97, Previous Score 97. Health Inspector Comments: Clean the bottom of the can opener (New Violation), Clean the outside of the oven, (New Violation), Replace water damaged ceiling tiles (New Violation), and Clean the vent hood (Repeat Violation). Juanito’s Mexican Restaurant: 1510 ...

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Bacon and Cabbage


From Our Table To Yours St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with many things. From parades to parties at the local pub, March 17th is a day enjoyed by Irish and non-Irish alike. But St. Patrick’s Day is also a time to gather with family, and the following recipe for ‘Bacon and Cabbage’ from Margaret M. Johnson’s ‘The Irish Pub Cookbook’ ...

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Monday, March 6th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report Victoria Belle Event Facility: 602 E. Main Street, Hogansville, GA. Current Score 100, Previous Score 100. No Health Inspector Comments. Wing N Burger Factory: 900 Hogansville Road, Suite B, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 96, Previous Score 96. Health Inspector Comments: Need to date mark foods (New Violation). Good Ol’Country Buffet: 1597 Vernon Road, LaGrange, GA. ...

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Recipe for Silken Chicken


Many people aspire to eat light meals that satisfy hunger pangs without creating feelings of fullness. Some may assume light meals must be lacking flavor, but the following recipe for ‘Silken Chicken’ from Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘Quick & Easy Indian Cooking’ (Chronicle Books) is light and packs that familiar flavorful punch that endears Indian cuisine to millions of people across the ...

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Tonkatsu (Crispy Fried Pork Cutlets)


Recipe for Tonkatsu (Crispy Fried Pork Cutlets) Experimentation draws many people to cooking. Amateur cooks who are passionate about food can’t wait for the opportunity to prepare a meal that strays from the norm while testing their culinary skills. Japanese cuisine is beloved the world over, but many non-Japanese people may be hesitant to prepare a favorite Japanese meal at ...

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Monday, February 27th

Explorations In Antiquity Center: 130 Gordon Commercial Drive, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 100, Previous Score 100. No Comments from Health Inspector. Mare Sol: 124B Main Street, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 97, Previous 99. Health Inspector Comments: Open bags of product in dry storage must be sealed, or in a sealed container. Can opener had a little buildup. (New Violation). Misco: ...

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Taxicab Yellow Tomato Soup With Fresh Basil Pesto


From Our Table To Yours Recipe for Taxicab Yellow Tomato Soup With Fresh Basil Pesto Soup is a versatile dish that can include a vast array of ingredients and even be served in a number of ways. Often an appetizer, soup can work as a dinnertime entree or accompany a sandwich to make for a hearty and fulfilling lunch. Though ...

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Monday February 20th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report Arby’s-Love Travel Stop#376: 1621 Bass Cross Road, Hogansville, GA. Current Score 99, Previous Score 99. Health Inspector Comments: Clean the floors in the back room (New Violation). Chick-Fil-A-Commerce: 116 Commerce Avenue, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 98, Previous Score 90. Health Inspector Comments: Work on detail cleaning equipment and under (Repeat Violation). China Express: 135 Commerce ...

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Buttermilk Scones


From Our Table To Yours Breakfast In Bed Makes For A Romantic Beginning To Valentine’s Day: Buttermilk Scones Those who want to start their Valentine’s Day off on a romantic foot may want to consider serving breakfast in bed to that special someone. The following recipe for ‘Buttermilk Scones’ from Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson’s ‘Tartine’ (Chronicle Books) can ...

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