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Psalm 51:10 (KJV): Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

As I read this scripture, my spirit began to open to it.  It is an outcry to our Father to help us become who He has designed us to be.  David had just been rebuked by God through the Prophet Nathan (2 Samuel 12) and was told that his son would die.  It says that David began to fast and lay on the ground, not moving.  Scripture says that even the elders of his house went to raise him and he would not move or even eat.  After the passing of his son, David stood, washed and anointed himself then changed his clothes and asked for food.

We know that David wrote the Psalms and as you read through them, you’ll see many ways he spoke to God, and God spoke to him throughout the different events in his time.  As Nathan spoke to David, he told David of his behavior and wrong doings and then David was convicted.  In this psalm, you can see where David was repenting.  He wanted to change his ways and follow the path God had created for him.  He wanted to be a righteous man and strong in the Lord.  He called out to our Father to help him change and to help him recognize where he needed to do better so that he could stand renewed and clean.

Growing up, I remember my dad behind the pulpit preaching about the different things in the bible and I’d be squirming as a child thinking he was talking directly to me.  Even though he was my dad and knew some of the things I had done, I now know he wasn’t truly speaking to me each and every time, but the conviction was still there because I knew in my heart I had done wrong in whatever the situation might have been.  God’s correction can come in many different forms and ways and I can’t help but believe that it is contingent on the individual person.  If our God knows every hair on our heads (Luke 12:7), why wouldn’t He be a personable God on showing us our mistakes?  All though God’s word we can see how our Father wants us to have a personal relationship with Him and even extending into our lives today.  We are able to see Him in different areas and ways KNOWING He is with us no matter what.  So, as we each move forward, be open to His voice so that we might have a clean heart and a steadfast spirit within us.

God Bless;

Anna Green

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