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Luke 19:40 (KJV): “And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

“Praise and Worship.” That is not a phrase I grew up knowing. My dad always preached and took us to the very traditional churches where there wasn’t “Praise and Worship”, but simply just the choir singing or the congregation joining in. When I first learned about praise and worship, it was at the church I currently attend and quite frankly, it freaked me out. I had never experienced anything like that in my life but once I learned that it wasn’t anything bad and was indeed scriptural, I was able to truly give myself to the glory of God. As I studied for this Christ’s Corner, I read an article that said, “Just as praise is intertwined with thanksgiving, worship is intertwined with surrender.” As we bow, kneel, or even lay out before the Lord, we are humbling ourselves so that He can truly speak to us.
So, let’s break it down. What is Praise and what is Worship? Praise is the expression of admiration for something or someone. It is giving thanks for what God has done for us in our lives or situation. Worship is the expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. It is a lifestyle of giving of ourselves to God, reserved for Him alone (Luke 4:8). In scripture when you read of worship, you will often see where it is more reserved. A personal prostration of you before the Lord giving Him honor (Psalm 95:6), in contrast to praise when it is more of an exuberant out pouring. Psalm 89:5 and Psalm 148:2 says that the angels and the heavenly hosts are commanded to praise the Lord, then we read in Psalm 138:4 and Romans 15:11 where it instructs all the inhabitants of earth to give their praise. Just as I have said before, God sees the heart, so when you are in these moments be sure that your heart is in the right place. (Psalm 44:21; Jeremiah 17:10; Luke 16:15; Acts 15:8; Romans 8:27). Just because a person is going through the outward motions of worship, does not mean they are worshiping (Psalm 51:16-17; Matthew 6:5-6).
In the some denominations , as I said before, there wasn’t a lot of praising or worshiping going on. That’s not to say they didn’t have the love for the Lord, but I was taught to stay still, don’t dance, be quiet and quite frankly not to do anything aside from the random “amen” that would come from one of the men of God in the church. All in the scripture it tells of praising and worshiping in different ways and it would be way too much to put into this little article but you can see singing (Isaiah 12:5; Psalm 9:11), shouting (Psalm 33:1; 98:4), dancing (Psalm 150:4), and of course the music (1 chronicles 13:8; Psalm 108:2; 150:3-5). As the main scripture for this Christ’s Corner states, if we don’t praise God, the stones will! Let us not let creation cry out alone to our creator, let’s lift our voices to the LORD on high! Don’t be ashamed or shy away from giving Him your praise and worship! Let it become a personal lifestyle and see how God moves in your life!

God Bless;

Anna Green

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