SOS Cleans Up In U-10 Soccer Semifinals

SOS Cleans Up In U-10 Soccer Semifinals

also scored two goals for SOS Cleaners.

“I just dribbled the ball and kicked,” said Castillo.

It’s a family thing apparently. Castillo’s brother, Elvis, also scored two playoff goals for SOS Cleaners in the tournament game. And all four of the SOS Cleaners goals came in a highly explosive second half. Prior to that the match was all knotted up at 0-0 at halftime.

But SOS Cleaners hit the re-set button in the second half. The boys and girls on SOS Cleaners have done that before during this undefeated season.

“We work together. We play good defense. We’ve got the effort, and we have fast players,” said SOS Cleaners Head Coach Samira SOS Cleaners and Batson-Cook played some intense soccer on Thursday night in the Troup County U-10 Tournament semifinals at the Chris

The streak lives on.

SOS Cleaners won its 10th straight soccer match on Thursday night with a 40 shutout against the Batson- Cook Red Bulls. That game and win was the biggest yet for SOS Cleaners. It came in the semifinals of the Troup County U-10 Tournament at the Chris Joseph Sportsplex.

And the players on SOS Cleaners acted as though this was just meant to be.

“We played defense. We made some goals, and we used teamwork,” said Darany Vidales, the expert defender from SOS Cleaners.

Anthony Castillo did some of the dirty work, too. Not only did he play defense with painstaking precision, he >>> Continued on Page B2 >>> SOS Cleans Up In U-10 Soccer Semifinals


Her team contested every pass and every shot against the Red Bulls. SOS Cleaners did that with a high level defensive performance from Vidales, JJ Clark and Anthony Castillo. Goalkeeper Ailin Mendoza played some high pressure defense, too.

Mendoza hurled a shutout against a very good Batson-Cook soccer team. The Red Bulls have a record of 6-31. And SOS Cleaners is 100.

“I like seeing the happy faces. Our defensive players were talking,” said Hidalgo.

The Red Bulls never could solve the soccer puzzle on this night. The Red Bulls tried everything that they knew.

“I tried to get my team to attack more. My kids still gave it their best (effort). SOS is a phenomenal team, and they’re well coached. We had a pretty young team this year. We even had a seven year old,” said Red Bulls Head Coach Zac Wisener.

Midfielder Maddison Gay from Batson-Cook still feels like the Red Bulls had a great season.

“We were good at passing. Our defense was strong, and we just had fun,” said Gay.

Lucas Wilson, the Red Bulls center midfielder, would have had a lot more fun if his team won its last game of the year. That didn’t quite happen for Batson- Cook.

“The SOS center defenders were blocking everything. But I still feel like we were stepping up. You do need good dribbling skills,” said Wilson.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer