Twin Towers: Moreman Pours In 23, Anderson Cans 19 Points

Twin Towers: Moreman Pours In 23, Anderson Cans 19 Points

LaGrange Academy has something that most high school basketball teams don’t have – size, skill and unlimited potential.

All of that comes in double doses. Starting at center for the Warriors is the 6foot-9 Whit Moreman, who is light on his feet and is heavy on his two-handed dunks. Moreman is a load, but not so unlike his basketball teammate, Lincoln Anderson. He is a 6-foot-5 roadblock.

Anderson has some game, too, complete with big hands, a high basketball acumen and a craving for putting the ball through the hoop. Anderson, the former Callaway High Cavalier, has the total game. He has some allaround basketball talent.

Anderson and Moreman form a most unstoppable twosome for LaGrange Academy.

“They both know how to play the game, and they’re both scorers,” said Warriors Head Coach Britt Gaylor.

Say it isn’t so, but it is. There they were in all their basketball splendor on Tuesday night. In the LaGrange Academy season-opener, Moreman and Anderson led the Warriors to a 67-60 win over the Trinity Christian Lions in a non-region boys game at the LaGrange Academy gym.

The building was packed with 500 prep basketball enthusiasts. The Twin Towers gave them something to see, too. Moreman put on a basketball clinic with 23 points, 15 rebounds and three blocked shots. Moreman bagged 10 of 15 shots from the field.

“This was a great first game (for our team). We had good team play and a lot of assists. I’m loving it,” said Moreman.

Twin Tower No. 2, Anderson, was having his picture taken and shaking hands with friends and fans after the game. But that only came after Anderson netted 19 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. LaGrange Academy camped out underneath the basket for a total of 40 rebounds.

The Warriors also got into the passing lanes for 13 steals.

“We settled down. We controlled the ball, and we played smart,” said LaGrange Academy senior guard Will Trotter.

He played along. He fed the Twin Towers, and Trotter made some big plays himself with eight points and seven assists. LaGrange Academy also got some unselfish play from 6-foot-1 senior guard Zach Callaghan. He played catch with Moreman and Anderson.

Callaghan was passing, and the Twin Towers were scoring. Callaghan did contribute four points himself, and senior Colby Heath had a 7-point night for the Warriors.

And according to Trinity Christian Coach Will De La Cruz, “They had those two bigs, and we could not answer. They shot a high percentage, and we gave the ball away too much.”

The Warriors got some big buckets from Moreman in the fourth period. La-Grange Academy also got an assist or two from Callaghan and a couple of critical free throws from Trotter with 55.4 seconds left. The Warriors hung on for a 7-point win.

Trinity Christian did make a game of it, however, with 22 points from senior guard Jay Warner, 15 points from Terrance Gaines and eight points from 6-foot-4 senior forward Matt Grady.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer