Christ’s Corner

Proverbs 31: 6: Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish…

The Bible has the answers to all of life’s questions. That is why Christians and students of the Bible need to know what it says. We dare not take the opinion and word of others and place our faith in them. We must read and study for our self. The LORD will give us understanding as we need it.

I have been asked many times about strong drink. Why is it a sin to drink whiskey, beer or wine? Is there ever a time when it’s O.K. to drink them? My first answer is that the Bible says no drunkard will enter into heaven. That means being a drunkard as a life style; not a one time thing. A born again Christian do not live a drunkard’s life! My next response is to remind them that strong drink will kill our body over time, through some disease or some kind of accident. My final thought to them is to warn that when you are under the influence, you are not thinking clearly. Then you will say or do things you should not.

Our verse today tells what, when and how we should treat a dying loved one. When one is dying and there is no medical cure, they are suffering in pain, and there is no help for that loved one, then and only then, should we give them something to relieve their suffering and give them peace.

That does NOT mean we should speed up their dying process! Just allow them to die peacefully.

Our Bible has the answer Christian friends.

God Bless

Walter D. Hill D. Min.

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