Fourth of July Weekend Claims First Wreck

The heat is here in full force. Summer is upon us and the roads are flushed with extra cars full of families enjoying the freedom that this time of year brings. As such, it is now more important than ever to be extra safe and careful when out and traveling this holiday season. This past Friday, July 1st saw the holiday weekend claim its first wreck on Mooty Bridge Road, right in front of Spinks and Yates management.

A Chevrolet suburban was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Mooty Bridge Road from David Road, directly behind Walmart. The suburban was struck by a CRV heading north bound on Mooty Bridge Road. The impact did not seem to be that sever. The suburban, which was a faulty for not yielding the right of way, was able to be driven off to the nearby parking lot. The CRV was towed. One person was transported to the hospital by ambulance for evaluation but appeared to be okay. Fortunately, everyone escaped the accident with no injuries.

The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous and pressing times of the year as far as travel goes. People are out and about for the holiday season, either heading to the beach or taxiing kids around to different destinations. Make sure that when you are out driving around all weekend and the entire summer actually, that you are driving defensively, safely for the sake of yourself and all of your loved ones.

There are many 4th of July activities going on this weekend including Charlie Daniel’s Band at the Sweetland Amphitheater, the sweet land of liberty parade, and the fireworks show at Pyne Road Park on Monday. All of these destinations will see much traffic out and about so please be safe and make responsible decisions as we all once again celebrate the independence of our nation.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer