West Point Police Ribbon Cutting

There is a cultural rift in our society today. Many of today’s youth have become hardened and disgruntled to the brave men and women that are in law enforcement. Here in LaGrange, West Point, and all of Troup County we do not share that same problem as well support our local law enforcement full heartedly and back the blue to the fullest extent possible. In the town of West Point, there has been a recent upgrade to the Police Department and there were many people on hand to christen the new station with a ribbon cutting.

Thursday June 30 was a momentous occasion for the citizens of West Point as the new police station and government building was officially opened. Located at 206 W 9th street in downtown West Point, this new facility is on the cutting edge and will provide an incredible stable home for the officer on the beat.

This upgrade marks a significant step towards and better and brighter police force presence in the area and something that these men and women are very deserving of. The new location is an essential one, a building close to the downtown area and a place that can finally house the police force and the municipal court for the area.

On the day of this grand opening, the building was packed from head to toe with many local officials. Representatives from the Troup County Chamber of Commerce, the local law enforcement, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, the LaGrange Police Department, KIA, and the city government were all on hand for this momentous event. They packed the front of the building as many spoke on what a great day this is for the WPPD. Chief Bailey specifically spoke on how this new building is something that he and his crew are proud of and how the large turnout means a great deal to him.

After everyone filed out into the hot sun, the picture was taken and the ribbon was cut, officially bringing about a new era in the West Point Police Department. In all of West Point, LaGrange, and Troup County, it is now more than ever so important to support law enforcement. There is a large scale attack in this Country against men and women in uniform and with badge. Our local community has rallied together, unified in their hard work and showing that we will always and forever choose to back the blue.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer