County Commissioners Discuss New Hanger At Airport

On the morning of Friday, July 29, the county commissioners held another regularly schedule work session to discuss some ongoing pieces of business in the community. All of the various items of business will be discussed or voted on at the next meeting of the county commissioners this coming Tuesday, August 2 and as always are open to the public.

The first thing discussed at the Friday meeting was a budget amendment request from the District Attorney’s office and Pete Skandalakis. The DA’s office is asking for an increase of around or just over $25,000 as a recruitment and retention fund. This would go to helping the DA’s office retain their employees and keep their rates, healthcare, and retirement competitive with everyone else. The City recently gave the DA’s office funds to bring on a new ADA next year and the office here is full of incredible people who are working hard to keep gang criminals and all other wrong doers off the street.

The other really big request at this work session was the airport hanger financing. Troup County recently required a new jet from Columbus and as such there is a request to finance the building of a new hanger. The total cost of the hangar would be over $728,000, but 95% of that would be paid back over the course of several years by the state (a five percent match must come from the county). This would be a great asset to the county and provide a great source of income in rent, gas, and other services for the long foreseeable future.

There were some other requests made at this meeting that will be voted on at the meeting on Tuesday. There were three different requests for hiring freezes, one from the Parks and Rec department, the road department, and the P.T. finance department. All of the positions that are being requested are budgeted already.

The other discussion of the morning was the discussion of the board of equalization pay. The county manager Todd Tentler suggested that the amount be change from $35 to $50 per diem. This is in line with other counties of similar size and population. The other board members will havr the opportunity to hear on all of these things and have some zoning ordinances to vote on at the upcoming meeting this Tuesday morning.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer