Wortham Seeks A Starting Position At Georgia Military

His lifelong dream has been to play college football.

J.T. Wortham, the ex- defensive end for Callaway High School, is certainly in the football mix at Georgia Military. Wortham reported to the GMC football program on Sunday in Milledgeville.

Even as a freshman the 18-year-old Wortham expects to get on the field for the Bulldogs this season. He will likely play linebacker instead of defensive end. But that is okay with the 6- foot-2, 235-pound Wortham.

He wants to contribute for Georgia Military this year.

“This is a good (junior college) program. The whole team is talented, but I still expect to make some big plays. I need to improve my footwork. I’m excited, and I’m ready. I’m a powerful player,” said Wortham.

Freshmen have started in the past for the Bulldogs, and Wortham is shooting for the same thing. He did go to summer school at Georgia Military, and Wortham took part in the offseason practices.

“We did some conditioning. We did some sprints, and we worked in the weight room. You have to study in college and manage your time. I took three classes this summer,” said Wortham. “You need to have a work ethic in college.”

You also need to have some support from high school coaches like Callaway’s Pete Wiggins and Dusty Hubbard. Wiggins is the CHS head football coach, and Hubbard is the Cavaliers defensive coordinator.

Both Wiggins and Hubbard think Wortham is in a good place and in a highly competitive program at Georgia Military.

“J.T. has a high motor, and he’s physical. He is a great leader,” said Wiggins.

Hubbard likes Wortham’s football chances in junior college football, too.

“He can play multiple positions. College is going to be a learning process, but J.T. brings speed to the field,” said Hubbard.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer