Callaway Has LaGrange’s Respect, But Grangers Still Like Their Chances

Before tonight’s LaGrange-Callaway football game even starts, Granger senior quarterback Amad Ogletree is prepared to make a prediction or two.

“This is going to be a fight from whistle-to-whistle. There’s going to be 10,000 people there. It’s going to be like a college game,” said Ogletree, who is smart, clever and fast.

But as confident as Ogletree is, he also knows Callaway has as much raw ability as anybody on LaGrange’s football schedule.

“We’re going to have to step up. We need everybody. We’re excited. This is a big rivalry, and we’re going to need some intensity,” said Ogletree. “We’re going to have to get the ball in the end zone.”

This Granger-Cavalier tilt is no scrimmage. The game is the season-opening football tussle for both LaGrange and Callaway. They will be keeping score in the 8 p.m. kick off at Callaway Stadium.

This game is not for the meek or the half-hearted. This game is for boys who want to turn into men with four good quarters of football. This game is going to be as serious as a second helping at the seafood buffet.

Bring on the tartar sauce and the head slaps. The Grangers and the Cavaliers are getting testy and ready. Season-opening bragging rights are on the line. One team is going to walk off the field 1-0.

The other football team is going to head for the bus with an 0-1 record. LaGrange High does not want to be that team.

“We’re going to have to be mentally and physically ready. Callaway is good, but we can beat them. We are ready to play. We’re going to bring some high intensity,” said Granger senior linebacker Jadarius Young.

The LaGrange High football team is a talented squad that has yet to prove itself. The Grangers have potential and some good intentions. They also have a job to do, just like the Cavaliers.

“We’re ready to compete, and we’re ready to win,” said Young.

LaGrange freshman defensive end Andy Boykin is ready to scrap, claw and defend along with Young. Boykin might even start in his first varsity game. Winning is at the top of Boykin’s list, however.

“We’re going to compete. We need leadership and effort. Our team is together, and we can stick with anybody in the state,” said Boykin.

That includes the Callaway Cavaliers. This is going to be a chinstrap game, from wire-to-wire and sidelineto- sideline. Neither football team is going to back down.

It’s going to be a Friday night grudge match between the Grangers and Cavaliers. The last team with the ball just might win.

 Chris Fernsler Sports Writer