LaGrange High Freshman ‘Commit To Graduate’

LaGrange, Ga., August 22, 2016 – As 383 freshman gathered in the LaGrange High School auditorium on Monday, August 15, they knew they were there to make a promise to each other and the administration of the school – that they were committed to graduate.

Principal Alton White welcomed them to the ‘Commit to Graduate’ program before five seniors took the microphone to share their real-life experiences in hopes that it would encourage the younger class to do their best and watch out for pitfalls. The senior representatives were: Alice Ann Carson, Gabriel Duckett, Andrew Ochsenknecht, Sam Cleveland, and Emily Barnett.

While Duckett encouraged the class of 2020 to become involved in school activities, he gave examples of his own participation in basketball. Others spoke on the importance of choosing friends wisely and how your circle of friends can influence positive decision making. They also impressed upon the class to study, complete assignments in a timely manner, and establish a good GPA from the start because the next few years will go swiftly.

In addition to their personal experiences, the seniors noted clubs and activities that could help build relationship and possibly make high school an enjoyable experience, like student government, athletics, band, chorus, and other club offerings.

Following a question and answer session, each freshman was given the opportunity to sign a LaGrange High graduation robe. After signing, they received a ring of commitment to graduate. Principal White said it is the first time the school has participated in a ‘Commit to Graduate’ ceremony. His hopes are that it will encourage freshman to remain on the course to graduation, like many of the seniors that spoke, and to know they have people they can call on if they need it. To learn more about Troup County School System, visit and the Troup County School System Facebook page.