Sheriff’s Office: Lock Your Car Doors

Deputies with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office are pleading with local citizens to lock your car doors when not in the vehicle to prevent thefts.

After a rash of Entering Autos throughout Troup County, Sheriff’s Investigators have noticed a trend. In most of the incidents, the vehicles were left unlocked and only firearms were stolen. In some cases the guns were left out in the open or even prominently displayed, but the vehicles were left unsecured.

Investigators say they believe groups are going around targeting unlocked vehicles, primarily in subdivisions, with the goal of stealing firearms. In some cases the culprits have even ignored other valuable items in the vehicles, only taking the guns.

These guns are likely being taken because they are easy to convert to cash on the street and are often sold to local gangs.

The Sheriff’s Office recommends locking your vehicle at all times when you are away from the car or truck, even when it’s parked just outside your home. They also recommend removing any valuables such as firearms where the vehicle is unattended. At the very least, keep the firearms out of sight, but don’t expect the glove compartment lock will save your gun.

In the end, we’d all love to live in a world where you can safely leave your car door unlocked, but that obviously doesn’t mesh with a world where you might need a handgun in your vehicle.

Deputies with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office are working hard to prevent Entering Auto Thefts and lock up the criminals who commit these crimes, but all they’re asking for in return is to take a few simple steps to make it a bit harder to steal from you.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer