Deputy Marshall's Lisa Lindsey and Bubba Oubrey

Marshal’s In Troup County Help Flooded Areas In Louisiana

Recently in the United States, another natural disaster has struck in Louisiana. Flooding has once again taken over its streets, pouring in countless gallons of water and costing millions and millions of dollars in damages. Many people have been displaced from their homes and lost so much. This continues a horrible streak of hurricane and natural disaster related incidents in the area and the blows seem to keep coming. In times such as this, we find our humanity and people from all over the Country have stepped up. Here in LaGrange and Troup County, a group of people from the Marshal’s Office have stepped up in a big way and are helping to bring supplies to Louisiana’s forefront for people who have pets and animals.

Marshal Lisa Lindsey and Marshal Bubba Oubrey have been hard at work in recent weeks putting together a special program where they have collected pounds and pounds of animal feed to hand deliver to people in the Livingston Parish area. They, along with Deputy Chris Bagley, headed out of town on Wednesday afternoon with a trailer full of food and delivered the food out to all in need before returning on Friday. People in the area that have pets that are in need will be able to get some food for the extended members of their family, too. There will be a follow up report coming soon on their journey right here in Troup County News.

Another note her in a dark hour is a solitary voice that reaches out in gratitude and thankfulness. Stephanie Purdy, a woman originally from LaGrange, now lives in the area of Louisiana that was devastated by flood waters. She reported that shortly after the floods arrived, people from Troup, Heard, and other counties began shipping in supplies for people that have been affected. She wrote her thoughts down in the form of a thank you letter which follows: “On the weekend of August 12, 2016, devastation began to hit my town in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, along with some surrounding parishes, including Livingston and East Baton Rouge. We were not prepared for what was about to happen. Water began rising and flooding became widespread; quickly and unexpectedly. Places that had never flooded before were now underwater. We were in shock and devastated. Statistics are showing that up to 110,000 homes were affected, most with no flood insurance because they were not in a flood zone. Houses and contents were lost; vehicles were lost; jobs were lost and lives were lost. My neighborhood was one that was affected that has never flooded before. On Sunday, August 14th at 9:00 a.m., we had no water in the front of my house. By 9:45, we could no longer get out of our driveway. I cannot explain the fear and shock as people were scrambling trying to evacuate and protect their belongings. I would estimate that at least 50% of my neighborhood flooded. People were being evacuated by boat from my street – just unbelievable! We lost electricity and were evacuated for four days. My husband waded through thigh deep water to check on our home. We were just six inches away from water in our house just six inches. As I went home and cleaned out my refrigerator, I watched my neighbors clean out their house. Heartbreaking. I am writing this because I am a Louisiana transplant. I am originally from LaGrange, Georgia – a Georgia Peach and proud of it. I have family and friends still living in LaGrange, and when they heard what we were going through, they prayed and they acted. On Tuesday August 23, my uncle and Pastor Brandon Brooks drove a huge truck filled with supplies for flood victims to Prairieville, Louisiana. This was supplies that the people of Heard County, Troup County and surrounding areas provided for us. I am overwhelmed and so proud to be from Georgia. So this letter is my THANK YOU! Thank you to my family and friends who helped get the word out about the flooding; thank you citizens of Heard County, Troup County, and the surrounding counties for your prayers and your donations; thank you to the Troup County and Heard County Sheriff’s Department for setting up drop off locations for these supplies; thank you Pastor Brandon Brooks for organizing with other churches in your area, and for working with my pastor, John Carrigan, at Oak Grove Baptist and with Pastor Kirk Jones, at Fellowship Church, to get supplies to our community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all who have helped. It is very much appreciated!”

Sincerely, Stephanie Purdy, Prairieville, Louisiana When devastation hits and sends us to our darkest places, it is important to remember these moments of humanity. This community is extraordinary in its resolve and has always been fully committed not just amongst our own but in all people in this, the greatest country in the history of humanity. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people devastated by flooding and gratitude abounds for those that have helped in any way that they can.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer