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Cavalier Fullback Has Brains, Brawn, 3.9 Grade Point Average

When Jibrell Jackson wakes up in the morning he takes on life, one block at a time.

Jackson is a fullback for the No. 5-ranked football team at Callaway High School. The 17-year-old Jackson doesn’t want to be known simply as a football player or a student.

He wants to be a devastating blocker, as well as a book worm. Jackson is the kind of guy who raises his hand in class. He asks questions. Jackson wants answers. He uses his reasoning power. He keeps his daydreaming to a minimum.

A higher being gave Jackson some brains, and he makes good use of them from Monday through Sunday. Jackson has a grade point average of 3.9 at Callaway. Jackson thinks for himself, and he studies when the mood strikes him.

And that would be every day.

“My parents push me, and after (football) practice I study. I like math and science. I just pay attention, and I study,” said Jackson.

On the football field, Jackson is as much a winner as he is off the field. Jackson is a 5-foot-9, 250-pound bulldozer. Anybody that gets in Jackson’s way gets the Callaway treatment.

They get Cavalierized. They also get run over. Jackson is the aggressive type. He comes to play. He comes to lead, and he comes to win.

“I’m going to do anything to improve my team. I love contact. I like hitting people, and I want to lead my team in pancake blocks this year. I have three so far,” said Jackson, who can easily squat 385 pounds.

Matt Napier, the Callaway offensive coordinator, has a very high opinion of No. 10, Jackson.

“He’s dedicated in the weight room. Jibrell is quiet, but he is physical. He is an old school player. He is the best blocker that I have ever had. Jibrell is a bruiser, and he is intimidating with his low center of gravity,” said Napier.

Jackson is more than just a hefty blocker. He’s a punishing short yardage runner, too. He’s averaging seven yards per carry. Jackson scored two touchdowns against the Handley Tigers earlier this season in a Cavalier 42-28 win at Roanoke, Ala.

Callaway head coach Pete Wiggins has come to appreciate No. 10, too. Wiggins calls on Jackson frequently to influence the younger players on the Cavalier football team.

“Jibrell is positive, and I like his attitude. He has a great build, and he is a guy that you can count on. Jibrell has a good work ethic,” said Wiggins. “He is very physical.”

There is always more with No. 10.

“Jibrell is a great competitor,” said Wiggins.

Callaway’s Jibrell Jackson is a high achiever from the class room to the football field. And that is an everyday occurrence.

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Chris Fernsler Sports Writer