Woman Attacks Repo-Woman In Attempt To Keep Her Car

LaGrange Police are investigating an incident where a woman allegedly attacked another woman for attempting to repossess her car.

The incident allegedly occurred late Tuesday night. Police were called to the Ridgefield Circle at about 10:52 p.m. in reference to the dispute.

Police arrived and made contact with the complainant, who stated he and his wife work for Wilder Recovery and they had a pick up order to repossess a 2006 Nissan Altima at a residence in the 100 block of Ridgefield Circle.

The complainant stated they arrived and located the Nissan behind the residence, which was registered to a female.

The complainant stated his wife then got into the vehicle, while he was getting the keys. He stated the female to whom the vehicle was registered to then got into the passenger seat of the vehicle and began kicking his wife’s legs and ankles.

She was then forced out of the car, at which point the female drove off in the vehicle toward Hammett Road.

The wife corroborated her husband statements, indicating she had been attacked in order to prevent the vehicle from being repossessed. She also noted this was the third attempt to repossess the vehicle from this residence.

Police took photographs of the victim’s injuries and advised her of warrant procedures.

This incident is being investigated as Simple Battery.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer