Monday September 12th

Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• West Point Police took a report of Criminal Damage to Property which was reported on Fourth Avenue.

• Rakim Kamil Ramiz Cooper, age 27, of Valley, Alabama was arrested by West Point Police for Burglary.

• Michael Anthony Cameron, age 52, of Hogansville, was arrested by West Point Police for Failure to Appear.

• Friday morning about 6:57 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the 200 block of Clark Street in reference to Criminal Damage to Property.

Officers arrived and made contact with the victim, who advised she parked her black Kia Forte in the driveway of her home the previous night around 11 p.m. She stated when she came out to take her children to school at about 6:30 a.m., she noticed damage to the vehicle.

Police say it appears as if someone had keyed the entire vehicle. All sides of the vehicle had damage, including the top and the hood. The hood also had a vulgar term carved into the paint.

When asked if she was having issues with anyone, the victim stated that she was having issues with several people, but couldn’t say for certain who would have done the damage.

The damage to the vehicle was estimated at more than $500.

• Friday morning about 4:05 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the 600 block of Park Avenue in reference to a Burglary.

Officers arrived and spoke to the complainant, who stated someone broke into the residence and stole several items.

Police entered the residence and observed the front door appeared to have been forced open. The side of the door frame was cracked and there was a hole in the wall from the door knob as it was forced open.

Missing from the residence was the living room television, an Xbox Once from an upstairs bedroom, and about $300 in cash.

The complainant stated left the residence at about 11 p.m. to go out to the club and returned at about 3 a.m. He stated when he returned the front door was closed, but when went inside, he noticed the rear door was open and noticed the items were missing.

The complainant stated the residence actually belonged to his uncle, who arrived later and spoke to police.

The uncle confirmed his nephew’s statements and advised he had been at work since about 5 p.m.

The homeowner advised the living room television is a 55 inch Samsung Smart TV, valued at $2,000, the Xbox One video game system, was valued at $600, and he had about $300 in cash in his pants pockets in a laundry basket that was take from an upstairs closet.

Police processed the location for fingerprints and canvassed the area for potential witnesses, but no one reported seeing anything unusual.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Thursday night about 11:34 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Jr Food Mart on Whitesville Street in reference to an Entering Auto.

Police arrived and made contact with the complainant, who advised she had been at work at Milliken on 1300 Brownwood Avenue about 3 a.m. She stated when she got off work at about 11:10 p.m., she discovered her red Mitsubishi Eclipse which had been parked in the Milliken parking lot on Lincoln Street had been ransacked.

The victim stated the center console and glove box were left open and items were scattered everywhere.

Missing from the vehicle was a gold bracelet valued at $200 and about $45 in cash.

The victim stated she was scared, so she drove to the JR Food Mart to report the incident where she often stops for gas after work.

Police processed the vehicle for fingerprints and are in the process of seeing if plant security video may have captured the incident.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Thursday night about 7:45 p.m., officers took a walk-in report at the LaGrange Police Department in reference to Financial Card Fraud.

Police spoke with the complainant, who stated she received a fraud alert text message from her bank showing a transaction that had occurred in Snellville at Bath and Body Works in the amount of $231. 27, but he transaction was declined.

The victim stated she has never been to Snellville so she did not know how the purchases would have been made.

She stated she went to her bank earlier in the day to check the account, at which point she discovered that there were several other purchases made in Snellville at Bed Bath and Beyond in the amounts of $229.62 , $121.19, and $10.59. Each of the transactions were made mere minutes apart for total of $592.67 attempted to be charged to the card.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Thursday morning about 11:30 a.m., officers took a walk-in report at the La-Grange Police Department in reference to an automobile collision.

Police spoke with the complainant, who stated that on August 27, at about 12 p.m. he was involved in an automobile collision. He stated that he was on Hogansville Road near South Davis Road when a vehicle pulling out of Shell Mart struck his vehicle.

The complainant stated his wife was in hospice and he was trying to get to her before she passed, so he got a name and phone number from the other driver and left the location without contacting police.

He advised he has since contacted the individual, but couldn’t get any insurance information from her and after a couple of tries she has quit answering his phone calls.

The complainant stated that he was in his red Jeep Cherokee, which officers noted had damage to the rear quarter panel.

This incident is still under investigation.