The crowd performs warm up exersizes

Alzheimer’s Walk Draws Big Crowd At Vernon Woods

One thing in our lives that we often take for granted is our memories. They inform us of who we were and lead us into who we become. This could be as simple as a handshake between friends or as moving as the hug and kiss of a mother. It is these moments that linger with us but for some, those moments are taken from them. With the horrible disease called Alzheimer’s, you aren’t just affecting someone’s health, you are literally attacking who a person is by destroying the memories that made them who they are. Fortunately, there is a dedicated team that is fighting back and is determined to put an end to this disease once and for all.

This past Saturday, September 17, the retirement community at Vernon Woods was packed to the brim with citizens ready to walk the 5K to end Alzheimer’s. The area was packed with so many different ages all ready to walk for a tremendous cause. There were many walk partners this year including Sewon America, Poplar Creek, Vernon Woods, Wellstar, Interface Flooring, and Compassionate Caregiving. All of these funds that were raised will “help support people, families, and care givers of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias. Support includes a 24-hour Helpline, various educational programs offered in the area, support group meetings, support materials and books, the Medic-Alert-Safe program, and much more.”

This year’s top donations team was the Sons of Sledge who raised over $10,000 towards Alzheimer’s research. Frank Sledge, the father of Sons of Sledge, spoke an incredible heartfelt message about his wife’s battle with the disease that brought the entire company to tears. He, like so many others, are dedicated to eradicating this horrible illness and each person has their own motivations for wanting to help. Many other local organizations contributed greatly with hefty donations as well.

If we are to ever defeat this crippling disease, a disease that not only affects the person but the entire family as well, this is exactly how we would go about doing it: through unity. So many people showed up and donated to this wonderful cause and slowly but surely, we are beating the fight against Alzheimer’s. Ever single effort, no matter how big or small, truly helps us fight back and one day soon, we will turn the corner and say that we are survivors and we will win the war. Thank you all for your time, donations, and prayers.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer