Deputies Arrest Woman Throwing Violent Tantrum Over Cigarettes

Troup County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested a young woman on several charges after she allegedly threw a violent fit over cigarettes.

Wednesday afternoon about 12:28 p.m., Deputies with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office responded to Fling Road in reference to an unwanted person.

As deputies arrived they made contact with a female, later identified as Allyson Nicole Locke, who was reportedly walking up and down the driveway yelling and cursing about not getting cigarettes.

Deputies asked Locke to stop walking back into the back yard and speak with them about the incident. Locke then stated someone was going to give her an [expletive] cigarette before she went crazy on someone.

Another deputy arrived soon afterwards and gave Locke a cigarette in order to help calm her down, while other deputies made contact with the complainant.

As they started to talk with the resident, a loud noise was heard coming from where the other deputy was with Locke. The deputy was then seen struggling with Locke attempting to place her in handcuffs. After a few minutes of struggling, deputies were able to cuff Locke, but as they were walking her to a patrol vehicle, she kicked the legs out from under one of the deputies causing them to fall to the ground.

Locke then allegedly attempted to kick them while they were down, but the deputy was able to move out of the way and avoid the kicks. Additional deputies then arrived on scene and helped forcibly put her in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Deputies say Locke reached over and repeatedly attempted to bite them while doing so. A leg strap was then placed on Locke’s legs due to her kicking, but she was able to remove the strap and began kicking the glass within the patrol at my back glass. Deputies say Locke continued to yell, curse, and spit during all of this and after twice removing the leg strap she was able to place her handcuffs from her rear to the front of her body.

Eventually deputies were able to speak to the complainant, who stated Locke got upset when she asked him to drive her to get some cigarettes and he stated he could not at that time.

He stated Locke took a paint can and opened it up and threw it causing it to spill all over the front porch. He stated she then broke his flag pole off his front porch and walked over to his vehicle and broke off the antenna, throwing it to the ground.

The complainant stated he was formerly married to Locke’s aunt and had been trying to help her out.

As s result of the incident, Locke was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where jail staff took her into booking and placed her in the padded room for her safety.

Locke, age 22, was later booked into the jail and charged with Battery, Obstruction of Officers, and Criminal Trespass.

As of press time, Locke is being held at the Troup County Jail on $4,000 bond.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer