Christ’s Corner

Luke 1:41 KJV: “And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost’

In this scripture it speaks of John the Baptist as he was a baby inside his mother’s womb, and how he reacted when the unborn baby Jesus came near. It said when his mother heard Mary greet her, he leaped inside his mother. In Luke 1:44, it says he leaped with JOY! I can’t help but be lead to believe that this is an example of our own spirit man when our spirits connect with Heavenly alignment. As I was driving the other day, my spirit leaped with joy in agreement with what I was hearing on the radio and I couldn’t help but be taken back to this scripture. Let’s go deeper. If we look through the bible, we are able to see the different contrasts between Jesus and His life journey, the Holy Spirit and so on. There are so many different “hidden” examples of the miracles and wonders of our heavenly Father, that each time I hear one or I am taught one, I become very excited from the complexity but simplicity of our Father. In Luke 1:7, it states how John the Baptist’s parents (Zacharias and Elisabeth) were advanced in age and even that Elisabeth was barren. As we go through our Christian walk, we are also barren. We must learn to infill ourselves with the Word of God and become impregnated by Him. Once we begin to nurture that, we can feel our spirits leap as John the Baptist did when as we grow and draw closer to the Lord.

God Bless;

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