Commissioners Recognize World Series Baseball Team


The Commissioners here in Troup County held another regularly scheduled meeting where they were able to hand out several recognitions to different peoples for accomplishments, all of which bring pride to the County. There were also several items of business at this particular meeting so after the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer by Pastor Ben Turner from Teaver Road Baptist Church, the meeting was under way.

After approval of the minutes from previous meetings, the first order of business was to recognize the Hogansville World Series Baseball Team. The team won both district and state championships and was the runner ups in the finals of the Little League World Series. The team along with parents and others alike were in attendance as all of the players were given certificates of participation and met with each Commissioner personally.

The board also recognized at this meeting the August 2016 employee of the month, Edward Johnson.

Johnson has worked for the Marshal’s Office in Troup County for 25 years. His duties include serving civil papers, evictions, repos, levees, enforcing the County’s ordinances, and serving and protecting the citizens of Troup County. He also helps other divisions in the Marshal’s Department including code enforcement, animal control, and works late into the hours serving civil papers. He is extremely dedicated.

Another presentation for this evening went to Valerie West as she has been working for two years to get her Clerk’s certification which she has just received. There are now two certified clerks here in Troup County that are instrumental in providing a valuable service in keeping the County up and running.

There were two items left under special business for that morning’s meeting. The first piece of business here was a request to approve the updated GDOT Radar Speed Limit list. This is essentially “housekeeping” and “keeping everything up to date.” The Commissioners carried this motion.

The last thing here was another very brief discussion of the County’s bids for the pay study. The County has received three bids to do the job which include, Carl Vinson (40K plus travel), Condry and Associates ($52,500 which includes travel and training), and Springsted who just finished a similar survey in Coweta County (60K). All of these organizations have different times and things that they can research to find fair rates of pay. The Commissioners will look into these bids and make a decision on the entire process at a later date.

At the work session the Friday prior to this meeting, the board also discussed to additional pieces of information. The first discussion was a small piece on the new Great Wolf Lodge and some of the particulars that are coming with the project. At a meeting of Kiwanis on Thursday, September 22 an official from the City spoke to the group in tremendous detail about this project and was published in Monday, September 26 edition of Troup County News.

They also discussed the new Sentry Tire project coming to LaGrange and Troup County. This will be a $530 million investment and will bring 1,000 new jobs to the community. With plants all across the world, this is a tremendous opportunity for people here in the community as the company will produce over 27,000 tires a day.

More information will be posted on this project as it become available.