The Homecoming Court pose at the game

LCS Homecoming Court Crowns Queen

There are Friday night traditions all across this great Country that has been woven into the fabric of Americana. Apple pie, football games, and late night meals are just a few of the images that come to mind when you think of this great Country and all of her pastimes. One other such event has occurred for decades and that is the classic homecoming football game, the game that draws the biggest crowd and also hosts the lovely ladies of the homecoming court. This past Friday, September 16 saw Lafayette Christian School host their annual court and crown a winner from the student body.

This year’s court was large and had some representatives from the under classmen. From the Freshman Class there was Claire Anne Corban, the Sophomore Class Representative was Emily Stringham, and the Junior Class representative was Sarah Davidson. The Senior Class girls that rounded out the rest of the court were Abby Dixon, Lauren Cooper, Mary Casey Ward, Mary Beth Burleson, Abigail Hughes, Chelsea Cochran, Dahsoam Jeong, Mia Hull, Chelsea Bragg, and Ivy Shay.

The night of the big game, LCS’s brand new stadium was packed to the brim with on lookers as the girls took their places. All adorned in their beautiful and bright dresses, each one with their escort strode across the field as the announcers told highlights from the girls lives including their role models, some of their favorite activities, and even their favorite Bible verses. After all of the pomp and circumstance, it was Abby Dixon that was declared the winner and crowned homecoming queen.

Lafayette Christian School has become a beacon for the community, not just in academics and sports, but of guiding their children on a righteous path and giving them a place to learn and thrive for the next stages in their life. With their new football stadium almost complete and attendance higher than it has ever been, it has truly become one of the premier names in education throughout the entire state. Homecoming is just one of the storied traditions that continues to grow out of this academic staple of the community.