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Reed Bolts For Two Touchdowns, Bulldogs Feast On The Cobras

Denorayon Reed has good balance.

He has a good sense of direction, and he knows where the end zone is. The Youth League running back also has an insatiable appetite for touchdowns. As a matter of fact, Reed scored a couple of those on Monday night to lead the Bulldogs past the Cobras, 30-0 at Callaway Stadium.

And after the 9 to 10-yearold league game, Reed was talking as fast as he usually runs. He was gleaming.

Reed knew how, why and where.

“We ran hard and played hard. We learned our plays, and we hustled,” said Reed. He did his part, too. Reed was in a rush with 42 yards on four carries. Reed was moving on out with a 21-yard touchdown run at the 8:02 mark of the second quarter.

There would be another. Reed’s second touchdown was of the 16-yard variety in the third period. After Blake Oldham drilled the two-point conversion kick, the Bulldogs had a 30-point bulge.

Jay Williams, the Bulldogs quarterback, was riding the football wave, too. Williams, who is very much a part of the Bulldogs vaunted running game, was giving and taking. Williams was also running for 34 yards on four carries.

“We’re feeling good about ourself. We weren’t scared. We’re getting strong, and we’re No. 1,” said Williams.

Bulldogs fullback Jaqualin Birdsong was playing for keeps, too, as he blasted his way for 37 yards on two carries. Birdsong gave his team the initial push with a 12-yard touchdown run with 1:45 left in the first quarter.

“We were working hard,” said Birdsong.

The Bulldogs produced some numbers for sure with 124 yards – 113 running and 11 passing. The Bulldogs had six first downs and four touchdowns. One of the Bulldogs scores came on defense. Linebacker Malikih Poythress scored a touchdown by falling on the ball in the Cobra end zone with 53.5 seconds remaining in the first half.

With some bark and teamwork the Bulldogs opened up a 22-0 lead.

“We kept pressuring them (the Cobras). We played physical, and we found a coupleofholes,”saidBulldogs head coach Carlos Poythress.

The Cobras, in the process, had a long night. They had a hard time blocking and tackling the Bulldogs. The Cobras scraped up just 18 yards of net offense. Tailback Cameron Tucker had the longest run from scrimmage for the Cobras with a 14-yard gain. Running back Tyrus Edwards also squirmed for a 4-yard pick up on another Cobra offensive selection.

For the most part, however, the Cobras went backyards. They had two first downs in 24 minutes of football.

“We need practice. The Bulldogs were big. They looked like they weighed over 200 pounds,” said Cobra offensive guard Keoni Hollins. “We need to block a little more.”

The Cobras (0-1) needed lots of things.

“We need to work harder. We need more confidence,” said Tremez Sellers, the Cobras quarterback.

Coach Tuan Allen of the Cobras already sees how his team can and will get better.

“We need to work on discipline, and we need to be more consistent. We got overwhelmed.We’reyoung,” said Allen.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer