Troup High School Receives GHSA Sportsmanship Award

On the morning of Friday, September 23, Troup High School was gifted an incredibly special award. In the world of sport, racking up points, making baskets, throwing touchdowns, and hitting homeruns is what it is all about. However, one thing that is of equal importance is the attitudes you carry onto the field and the ones you leave behind. Good sportsmanship is something often overlooked in today’s society, but here in our community, one local school is being honored for not just how they play the game, but also how they approach the right attitudes along the way.

That Friday morning, Ken Pope, a representative of Diverse Power and Georgia EMC, was on hand to present the students of Troup High School with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) with the Sportsmanship Award. The GHSA has 75 representatives that travel the state every year and observe things like sportsmanship on the field and off the field and all of the students involved to determine the winner of the prestigious award. Out of roughly 500 schools, only 48 received sportsmanship awards.

This is a great honor not only for Troup High School, but for our community at large. Our kids are making a difference not only in the classroom and on the field, but also in their communities with great attitudes and hearts that are in the right place. In today’s world, that is something to be said. LaGrange and Troup County have always been places filled with excellent people doing incredible things, and if things at Troup High School are any sign of this younger generation’s character, then our future is going to be very, very bright.


Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer