County Commissioners Narrow Search On Pay Study Bids

This past Tuesday morning, October 4, the County Commissioners for Troup County held a rather short meeting to discuss the current business occurring in the County. There were only four items on the agenda for the day and the County made short work of them, executing what they needed with precision and poise. After the prayer and the pledge, the meeting kicked off.

The first item of business was to introduce the new director of Parks and Recreation, Cajen Rhodes. Rhodes came to Troup County from Peachtree City where he served for many years. Now in his second week on the job, he is settling in, meeting with all of the different departments, and corresponding with all of his co-workers for the first time. Where he says it to be challenging, it is also exciting as well. Cajen provides a fresh set of eyes and will undoubtedly prove very successful in his new role.

Also at this meeting, the County handled two pieces of hiring business. First, they carried a motion to lift the hiring freeze for the Clerk of Courts and fill a budgeted position. Additionally, they also granted the lifting of a hiring freeze for the County Shop that can now bring on a new person to serve as a basic mechanic for company vehicles.

The big ticket item of the day was the final introduction of bids for the pay study review that the county is considering running. The three finals bids are from the Carl Vinson Institute, Condrey and Associates, and Springsted.


Carl Vinson will take up to six months to complete and interview 25% of employees. Condrey looks at 25 different departments or organizations, interviews 50% of employees with audits, and take a little less than five months to complete. Springsted would take four month to complete their evaluation.

Both Condrey and Springsted would be able to begin within a month with Carl Vinson starting a while from now as they are backlogged. There are several factors which can be looked at and analyzed from all of the companies. The board moved to allow the staff to negotiate and present final bids and the next meeting in two weeks.

After the meeting, many adjourned to the parking lot where the brand new fire engine for district two was parked and survey their new purchase. The truck is a beauty and comes equipped with all of the state of the art tools and instruments to help the Fire Department with all of their needs.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer