Monday October 17th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Waffle House#954: 4560 Hamilton Road, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 80, Previous Score 95. Health Inspector Comments: No paper towels at two handwash sinks and the a bathroom (New Violation), Drink nozzles have build up on them. Grease build up under equipment, behind (New Violation), Lift top cooler and cooler below not able to maintain 41 degrees. Cheese 47 degrees, butter 51 degrees, tomato 48 degrees (New Violation), and Wet wiping cloths left on counters, not returned to sanitizer. No sanitizer in containers (New Violation).

Church’s Chicken#916: 213 New Franklin Road, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 86, Previous Score 83. Health Inspector Comments: Chicken in walk in cooler not covered on bottom shelf (New Violation), No Sanitizer available at three compartment sink to sanitize dishes (New Violation), No thermometer in coolers (New Violation), Ice bin lid propped open, deflector shield had mold on it (New Violation), Pans wet stacked, not air dried (New Violation), Debris under equipment, wood shelf breaking down, falling, grease build up on all services (New Violation), Missing floor and covering tiles, walls in a state of disrepair, broken equipment not removed from premises. Ceiling damages, needs repair (Repeat Violation), and Light bulbs in walk-in cooler not shielded (New Violation).