The Whitleys and the Murphys

Bike And Jeep Ride Hosted For Kim Murphy

One thing you can say for certain about the community of LaGrange and Troup County is that when bad things happen to one of us, we all pitch in and do our best to make sure that we take care of one another. This simple fact is proven time and time again by the tremendous outpouring from the people that live here. We have made our lives here and are invested in the success of one another. This fact has never been more evident than this past Saturday, October 15, when several in the community gathered together for a bike and jeep ride for Kim Murphy.

The weather was warm and the mood very emotional when so many gathered out-front of H& H Builders, Inc in support of Mrs. Murphy who is battling cancer. The event was orchestrated by Mark Whitley and his family, lifelong friends of the Murphy’s. There were motorcycles and jeeps everywhere and people from all over the community came out to support this awesome cause. Mr. Whitley spoke to the crowd about the Murphy’s and how the community at large has come out with a tremendous show of support. Then Sheriff James Woodruff also spoke some words of encouragement before saying a prayer over all of the riders that day. With that, the riders took their places and with a loud roar, they sped off and out into the day.

That’s what makes this community so special. They cry together, excel together, and love together. None of us know what comes next in our story. Only the Good Lord knows what His plans for our lives are, but it is comforting to know that when one of us is going through hard times others will rally and come to our aide. We can be proactive in taking care of our own and even though we are not obligated out of circumstance or any other formality, it is love that keeps us together and love that helps us through these difficult times. Such is the story of Kim Murphy and those that surround her. May we all learn from this and grow together as a community.


Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer