Commissioners Decide Finality On Pay Study Review And Honors Employees

The County Commissioners were once again back to handling their regularly scheduled meeting on the morning of Tuesday, October 18. There was a lot on the plate of the commissioners at the meeting that morning, including the quarter service awards for County employees. After the pledge and the invocation from Commissioner Buck Davis, the meeting was underway.

The first item was the recognition of the Employee of the Month for September 2016, Rebecca Lindsey. “Rebecca is the September 2016 Troup County Government Employee of the Month. She performs all administrative tasks associated with the Parenting Workshop which helps navigate families through the changes associated with divorce. This includes registration of participants, providing reports to the Court Administrator concerning number of participants, maintaining database and completing deposit form. Rebecca maintains the database of Alternative Dispute Resolution cases using database software provided by the GA Office of Dispute Resolution, and uses same software for mediation when scheduling cases. She performs the intake and screening process to determine if domestic violence cases are appropriate for Mediation. Rebecca also handles appointments attorneys for the Indigent Defense program for State Court.”

Also at this meeting, the Employee Awards for second and third Quarters 2016 honored many long time employees of the County. With five years of service, there was Faustina Gross (Admin Assistant Two Rivers RC& D), Kyle Hench (Detention Officer), Matthew Mayfield (Deputy Sheriff), and Justin Lewis (Firefighter/ EMT).

With 10 years of service, there was Renee Hinkle (Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner), Debra Morgan (Deputy Clerk), Michael Nation (Corporal Sheriff’s Office), Cassandra Snelling (Secretary Marshal’s Office), and Marc Acree (Assistant Public Defender Court Services).

With 15 years of service, there was Kathy Baker (Tag And Tax Agent), Roland Daniel (Deputy Sheriff), Regina Dukes (Recreation Athletic Program Specialist), Dexter Wells (Division Director BOC office), Rebecca Lindsey (Administration Assistant Court Services), LaSonya McGruder (Business Administrator Sheriff’s Office), and Brian Shirley (Correctional lnst. TCCI).

With 20 years of service, there was Sherry Welborn (Chief Deputy Clerk), and Kerry Whaley (Superintendent of Athletics).

One person received the 25 years of service award, Roger Hardnett, a Correctional Captain with the TCCI. He has been with the County since 1991 and worked his way to the ranks of Captain in 2003 and holds many important responsibilities.

There were two individuals to receive their 30 years of service rewards, Samuel Cotton and Gregory Hall. Samuel Cotton began his career in April of 1986 with the County and in 2010 began in his current position as a property appraiser. He also works with many kids through the Rec. Department for over 32 years. Gregory Hall began with the County in 1986 as well and currently serves in his role as the center manager for the William Griggs Center where he works with many kids that come through the center.

Lastly, Wanda Cotton received her 35 years of service with the County as their current Court Services Administrator. For her first 10 years, Wanda worked with the City of LaGrange before transferring to the County in 1991. She has worked with the Court Service for more than 20 years. She is a department head and is also the director of the Coweta Judicial Circuit Meditation Program.

After the awards presentation, the Commissioners handled several items of business. Among these was the request to life the hiring freeze for the Administrative Aide Felony Adult Drug Court, the adoption of a resolution (Capital Improvement Element), and the Estoppel Certificate for Great Wolf Resorts. All of these motions were carried.

The County then finally decided on an action to the Pay Study review that they have been considering for many weeks now. After three initial bids, the Board has accepted the bid from Condrey and Associates in the amount $49,500 and will definitively show what areas and what positions need to have their salary adjusted in the right ways. This has been discussed for some time now in the County and Condrey and Associates should take just a few months to put this survey together and the County can make the necessary adjustments.

Under the public hearings section, there were four items to be dealt with. Firstly, there was a request to re-zone two parcels near Lafayette Parkway to general commercial and those two lots will be absorbed into the All Pro Chevrolet on location. There was also a request for a manufactured home placement and a new beer and wine license for the Roadside Grill and Tavern. Both of these two motions carried.


Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer