Friday October 21st

Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Tuesday night, just after midnight, LaGrange Police responded to the Stay Lodge motel on Whitesville Street in reference to reports of a subject having a heart attack.

Police arrived and made contact with a female, who stated the subject above her room was making a lot of noise and came out of his room yelling that he was having a heart attack. Officers then observed a male near lying on the floor of the walk way.

The subject was flopping around as another male was attempting to help him. The subject then jumped up and began yelling, “they’re trying to shoot me,” running to the other side of the building.

Police noted the subject appeared to be in a state of excited delirium and was only wearing boxer shorts, a t-shirt, and panty hose.

Paramedics arrived soon afterwards and police made contact with the subject on the other side of the building, again lying on the floor of the walkway. The subject was flopping around as if he was having a seizure and seemed to be unaware that people were trying help and believed they were trying to get him.

With the help of additional officers, police were able to control the subject and escorted him to an ambulance where paramedics began rendering aid.

The subject stated he was on medication, but could not remember what it was. He also admitted to having used methamphetamine earlier in the day, but said he did not get to feeling bad until about lunch time.

Officers checked the subject’s room to obtain his identification and discovered it was in shambles. The bathroom sink had been ripped from the wall and water had flooded the room, along with the room below it. All the furniture had also been scattered throughout the room.

The damage was estimated at well over $500.

The subject was later transported to the West Georgia Medical Center. Charges are pending.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Tuesday afternoon about 2:45 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the BB& T Bank on Broad Street in reference to a Check Forgery.

Police arrived and made contact with bank employees, who advised that a female customer had deposited two checks via the ATM machine in July in the amounts of $2,565 and $2,420. Once the checks were posted to her account, the female withdrew $4,407.

The checks were from the same account at First Midwest Bank and both checks were later determined to be forged.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Tuesday afternoon about 1:45 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the intersection of Morgan Street and La-Fayette Parkway in reference to a Hit & Run collision.

Police arrived and made contact with the female driver of a black Nissan Altima, which had pulled into a nearby business. Neither the driver nor her passenger reported any injuries.

The driver stated she was traveling East on LaFayette Parkway when she began turning left turn onto Morgan Street with a green arrow. She stated as she was doing so, an Asian female driving a GMC Terrain turned right on red from LaFayette Parkway onto Morgan Street. The driver stated that she entered the left lane thinking the other driver would enter the right lane, but instead other vehicle struck her on the passenger side.

The collision caused slight damages to the Nissan, but mostly scratches and paint transfer.

The complainant stated the other driver then traveled towards Broad Street and fled the scene.

A Be On the Look Out warning was issued for the GMC and this incident remains under investigation.

• Tuesday afternoon about 12:18 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Walmart on New Franklin Road in reference to Shoplifting.

Police arrived and met with the store’s Loss Prevention Officer, who stated he began to follow the female suspect, later identified as Sytianna Stinson, after seeing her acting suspicious in the store.

The Loss Prevention Officer stated Stinson selected a pair of camouflage slippers and put them on her feet. She then selected a pair of plain black sandals and walked to the rear of the store to the sporting goods section. The female was then observed taking off the slippers, putting on the sandals, and then stashing the slippers.

Stinson then went through the checkout within the garden center and paid for several other items. The Loss Prevention Officer then approached Stinson about the slippers and the sandals, at which point it was discovered that she had several items in the pockets of her shorts.

According to police, Stinson had concealed a deck of playing cards, a five pack of boxer shorts, and men’s socks. Along with the slippers and the sandals, the total amount taken from the store was $45.67.

The items taken were returned to Walmart and the bag that contained the items she had purchased was placed in the front seat a patrol vehicle.

Stinson was arrested and transported to the jail, where detention officers located a small bag containing suspected marijuana in the very bottom of the bag of items she paid for at Walmart. Stinson later claimed the suspected marijuana was not hers and she was unsure how it got there.

Due the bag having never left her possession except when it was in the front seat the patrol vehicle, Stinson was determined to be in possession of the narcotics as well. Officers issued Stinson a citation for marijuana possession rather than having the jail charge her with attempting to bring drugs into the jail.

Stinson, age 21, was booked into the Troup County Jail and charged with Possession of Marijuana – Less than an Ounce, Theft by Shoplifting – Less than $500, and a warrant for Felony Probation Violation As of press time, Stinson is being held at the jail where she was denied bond.