Several Yard Signs Stolen From GOP Supporters

The political season is coming to a thunderous conclusion in early November, but until then, things are still out of sorts and some people are going to continue causing problems for their opposition. Sign stealing is no new problem and has been around for quite a while, but a recent new string of stealing has popped up as the Presidential election comes to a head.

A little over two weeks ago, the local GOP headquarters here in town had a grand opening and a ribbon cutting at their location on Greenville Street. A large crowd gathered for the event, complete with one of Donald Trump’s campaign buses. The crew gave out many yard signs, bumper stickers, and so many other things in support of the Trump campaign, but fast forward to the present day, and the ladies working at headquarters have reported that at least five or six people have come back to replace signs that have been stolen from their yards and their property.

Sheriff James Woodruff has run for political office before and has had some of his signs removed or taken from property without consent as well. He stressed that while some people think that it is fun or a joke, it is still most certainly a crime. Stealing signs is considered by law to be theft by taking and can be prosecuted.

No matter what political affiliation you align yourself with or who you choose to follow in November, there is no excuse for stealing signs or any kind of property. With this election being the most divisive and important election in the history of our nation, we have to work with one another, even if we have opposing views, to make sure that we as a community stay strong no matter what happens.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writers