Anonymous Donor Gives To The Boys & Girls Club Of LaGrange

The academic and social success of each local child is the top priority for the Boys & Girls Club of La-Grange. This organization features all kinds of academic opportunities by offering its science lab and art room as places for students to learn and grow.

However, being a nonprofit organization, the Boys & Girls Club has to find its own way to supply the science lab and art room with the materials needed for dayto- day activities. When grants and donations run low, staff members find themselves using their personal money to purchase the supplies needed. This not only puts a financial constraint on the organization, but it puts an academic constraint on the students. If the Boys & Girls Club cannot afford the materials, the students have no way of creating science experiments or art projects.

But, on Tuesday, October 28, Sheriff James Woodruff had the honor of delivering an anonymous donor’s generous contribution to the Boys & Girls Club of LaGrange. This donor had the chance to speak with a staff member and discovered that they were running low on construction paper, glue, and even pens and pencils. After learning this, the donor went out and made an above and beyond purchase including countless packs of notebook paper and construction paper, glue sticks and markers, pens and pencils, paper bags, and even aprons for the students to wear while conducting science experiments or crafting art projects.

The Boys & Girls Club’s classroom staff and management were grateful for the contribution made by the anonymous donor. Now, with an overstock of supplies, the students at LaGrange’s Boys & Girls Club are sure to have the full, fun experience of academic learning and growth.

Peyton Hanners Staff Writer