Dr. Preston James IV and his Sports Management Club Members

LaGrange College Students Form Sports Management Club

It’s easy for a professor or faculty member of a college to start an organization. Their careers are centered on the academic and social success of their students. However, there is something to be said for students who have a vision all their own.

This semester, the Business Majors of LaGrange College decided to create a Sports Management Club. Many of its members are student athletes who have plans to invest in an athletic-based career. Dr. Preston James IV of the club understands that reaching big dreams takes little steps. He explained how some of his students want to work for sports names on an NFL level, and he believes his students have that potential. But, he also understands that starting with a smaller organization, understanding the basics of sports management is a necessary first step.

The LaGrange College Sports Management Club meets once every two weeks to not only discuss terms of business in the athletic world, but they also go out in the community to do philanthropy work while also working with the Atlanta Falcons. “We stay very busy”, explained club members Ryan Stevens and Blake Juberg.

Being a college student can brings its own meaning of stress and responsibilities to the table, but Dr. Preston and his Sports Management team are ready to make their organization known on a regional and statewide level. They have plans to continue working in the local community, along with continuing to pair with name brand athletics, to prepare themselves for the stresses and responsibilities of serving and working in the business world of athletics.

Peyton Hanners Staff Writer