Successful Fall Festival For DASH

On Friday, October 21, DASH (Dependable Affordable Sustainable Housing) hosted a Fall Festival for the Hillside Community. 610 Jefferson Street drew a crowd as football players, princesses, superheroes, and other fun characters made guest appearances to join in the festival fun. Families came together for a cakewalk and candy, games and prizes, and so much more.

DASH is a housing and credit counseling center, housing rehabilitation program, and a Hillside neighborhood revitalization organization that values not only creating affordable housing, but also building long-lasting, family friendly communities, too. They prize the Hillside Community and wanted to do something special for its people during this fun season of the year. So, they used this time of community fellowship to not only pass out candy, but to ask participants where they see their community over the next several years and how they would like to take present-day action to create this vision in the near future.

The members of DASH were very excited for the great turnout they had at this year’s Fall Festival and look forward to continuing their relationship with the Hillside Community in the future.


Peyton Hanners Staff Writer