35th Annual Pleasant Grove Quilt Show And Baazar A Huge Success

Once again, we have come to another storied legacy from one of our local churches here in LaGrange and Troup County. This past Saturday, November 5, welcomed the 35th annual Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Quilt Show and Baazar. This event draws a big crowd of people, quilts, and other local items. Whether you turned out for Ellis Cadenhead’s incredible BBQ, some of the handmade local quilts, or any of the other goods and services offered, you left that day with your heart full – and maybe the back seat of your car as well.

This year the bazaar pulled big numbers. All in all, there were over 19 vendors or stations with homemade goods, candles, soups, canned good, and other locally made goods. There was a total of 31 quilts there that day and for the quilt that the ladies of the church made for the raffle, there were over 1,900 tickets sold. The winner of the quilt was James Stogner. All of the funds raised from this event will go to the various projects and activities that the church sponsors.

One trip to the Pleasant Grove Baazar is enough to make you want to return each and every year. This is the kind of event where everyone you meet is exceptionally friendly and has a story to tell. The staff and the wonderful ladies of the church will feed you until you are full, and you will leave that place with a smile, and maybe even a plate for the road.

You will see some of the finest handmade local products and have the chance to support the artists in your community. Most importantly, however, you will have a chance to give to a church that will use that money to glorify the name of Christ and spread His message of salvation further into world. There can be no greater cause than this, and you will not find a nicer and more devoted group of people to serve with than those of Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church.


Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer