Circles Of Troup County Welcomes Special Guests

On Thursday, November 3, Circles of Troup County (CTC) hosted its weekly meeting, but a few special guests made an appearance as well. Girl Scout Troop 12207 served a Thanksgiving meal for CTC participants, including their own homemade mashed potatoes and green beans, followed by the turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce prepared by Country’s Barbeque. At each seat, the Girl Scouts had also made a creative, take-home place setting that included an encouraging message like, “Live in Positivity” and “We Are One”. When everyone had finished their Thanksgiving dinner, the Girl Scouts also volunteered to make crafts with CTC participants’ children.

While the Girl Scouts and CTC children were having fun with scissors, glue, and construction paper, the adults were having their own unique fun as the Senior City Planner of LaGrange, Leigh Threadgill, came to update participants on all of the new and exciting endeavors of the local community. With CTC’s goal of helping members of the community find their way to financial stability and success, Leigh was proud to say that Sentury Tire’s soon-to-be LaGrange location should provide up to 1000 jobs for locals while the incoming Great Wolf Lodge Resort promises several hundred job opportunities as well.

She also explained the new trail system that is supposed to make community-wide transportation healthier and cheaper. CTC members enjoyed contributing their own ideas into the discussion of the upcoming skate park while brainstorming creative, economically-efficient possibilities for the different types of restaurants and shopping centers that they would like to see in the near future.

The City of LaGrange was represented well at this CTC meeting as participants all across the community, from different generation gaps, work places, and life experiences, came together to discuss ways in which they as individuals could better this fast-growing, people loving city.


Peyton Hanners Staff Writer