Six-Year-Old Deltoro Will Swim For Sharks This Weekend In Carrollton

She is not yet shaking like a West Georgia leaf. But she soon will be.

Valeria Deltoro, the sixyear- old swimmer from La-Grange, will compete and get all suited up for the Troup County Sharks this Saturday and Sunday in Carrollton at the Mary Anne Invitational. Deltoro will have some company. Fourteen other Sharks swimmers will be cruising the lanes in the three-day meet.

The Sharks will not swim on Friday, but they will get an early 8 a.m. start on the two following days. Deltoro is looking forward to the events and the challenges in the pool.

“I want to win. I want to compete, and I want to go fast. I’m really good, and I like getting wet,” said Deltoro. “I’m going to take a deep breath (at the meet). I will try my best.”

Deltoro will swim in the 25-yard freestyle, 25 backstroke and the 25 butterfly. She has won eight ribbons in her last two meets.

Another young swimming star from the Sharks team will also take a dive in Carrollton. Alexis Wingenbach, a competitive swimmer for just three months, will also give it a go for the Sharks.

Wingenbach, an eight year old, will swim in the 25-yard backstroke, freestyle and butterfly.

“I’m going to need some confidence. I am kind of competitive. The meet is going to be scary,” said Wingenbach.

Izzy Martin, one of the most experienced members of the Sharks junior team will head to Carrollton later this week, too. Martin is 11 years old, and she will be swimming in a new event for her.

“This meet is pretty big, but I have to swim the 200 freestyle. That is eight laps, and it is very long. I could do good. I’m going for the good part,” said Martin.

Coaching the Sharks junior team this weekend will be Kristen Moore, the ex-Lady Bulldog swimmer from UGA.

“We want our best times, and we’ve been working real hard,” said Moore.

The Sharks will also send some senior swimmers to the Mary Anne invitational. Looking for some sharp turns, some fast times and some medals is the Sharks swimming group that consists of Jade Crisp, Isabelle Estes, Sydney Mauldin, Kate Moore, Silas Estes and Matthew LaTour.

William Yin is the head coach of the Sharks senior team. Yin doesn’t want any of his swimmers to simply go through the motions.

“We want to be focused, and we want to go fast. I want to see how our performances correlate with our practices,” said Yin.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer