A Tribute To Our Veterans

On Tuesday, November 15, the Troup High School (THS) Choral Department presented “A Tribute to our Veterans”, a production honoring all of our brave servicemen and women who have passed away or are now retired from the United States Armed Forces.

The Master of Ceremonies (and retired United States Airman) Jack Bagley kicked off the evening by welcoming the THS Show Choir as they performed “The Star-Spangled Banner”, arranged by Russell Robinson. All of the THS Choirs then came together for “I HearAmerica Singing!”, arranged by Albrecht and Althouse. The Show Choir and THS Men’s Choir sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth”, by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, “Pure Imagination”, arranged by Althouse and in memory of Gene Wilder, and they closed this musical segment with “White Winter Hymnal”, arranged by Alan Billingsley and including a percussion soloist: Jonathan Murphy.

The Men’s Choir then sang “We’re the Men” by Althouse and “Fly High, Grand Ole Flag” by Ruth Elaine Schram. TheAdvancedWomen’sChoir performed “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”, arranged by Alan Billingsley, “Nothing Could Be Finer”, arranged by Greg Gilpin, and “Song for the Unsung Hero” by Pamela and Joseph Martin in honor of the students’ family members who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Concluding the THS Choir selections, the Intermediate Choir sang “America the Beautiful”, arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram, and “Swinging on a Star”, arranged by Roger Emerson.

Following the THS Choirs, Long Cane Middle School’s Choir took the stage to sing “HymntoAmerica”,arranged by Audrey Snyder, and “Soldier”, arranged by Roger Emerson, while the Elementary Choir sang “Fifty Nifty”, showing off their state geography.

All of the choirs then came together for “Sing”, arranged by Ed Lojeski and including a soloist: Abbie Kirby. The choirs then sang “Ching a Ring Chaw”, arranged by Linda Spevacek, and “A Tribute to the Armed Services, arranged by Lloyd Larson. This final song required audience participation. As each branch of the military’s song was sung, those who had served in that branch were asked to stand up for a special recognition.

Choir members, family and friends, American Legion Post 215, and all of the veterans crowded into the THS Fine Arts Auditorium for a night of musical fun and honorable remembrance of those who have and continue to serve the United States of America.

A special appreciation goes to THS’ Musical Director: Kathy Kirby, Principal Chip Meddlers, Fine Arts Supervisor: Ree Snellgrove, Terry Earl, Johnny Hurd, Janna Cauthen, Bookkeeper: Pamela Bridges, Drama Teacher: Noel Jordan, Becky Hafner-Camp, Videographer: Patt Briggs, Tanner Glisson and the football department, Director of Transportation: Dr. Turner, The Harringtons, chorus parents, and of course, our veterans.


Peyton Hanners Staff Writer