Cans For Kona Challenge Sweeps Troup County School System

“Helping your school while helping your community”that’s the Kona Ice Mission. Troup County Schools have recently participated in Cans for Kona, a program that encourages students to collect canned goods while the Kona Ice truck pays their campus a visit. Along with a chance to take a break from the classroom and enjoy a snow cone, Cans for Kona makes this canned goods collection a competition. Whichever school receives the highest participation also receives a 75 percent giveback check, whichever school receives the second highest participation receives a 50 percent giveback check, and the remaining schools receive a 30 percent giveback check.

For the 2016 Cans for Kona Challenge, participating schools in Troup County included: Long Cane Middle School, Troup High School, Berta Weathersbee Elementary School, Callaway Elementary School, Franklin Forest Elementary School, and Hogansville Elementary School. Though each school collected plenty of canned goods to give back to the community, only two could be recognized for their top participation. Franklin Forest Elementary took home the Second Place Prize; with 729 students, they collected 898 cans and brought their participation to 123 percent. Hogansville Elementary School won First Place Prize; with 565 students, they collected 961 cans, bringing their participation to 170 percent. After the giveback percentages were tallied, Franklin Forest Elementary School received $673, and Hogansville Elementary School received $859. After collecting a combined total of 3,383 cans throughout all of the schools, our community is sure to see the positive impact from this year’s Cans for Kona Challenge. A big appreciation goes to Calvin Neely, his Kona Ice Team, and all of the Troup County staff and


Peyton Hanners Staff Writer