Expansion Plans For the Explorations In Antiquity Center

Many people call our local Explorations in Antiquity Center (EAC) “LaGrange’s best kept secret”. Its’ value stems from its rarity – there are only two biblical history museums like this in the world. One is located in Israel and the other in our hometown. It’s a place loaded with ancient artifacts, architectural replicas, biblical explorations, and more. Whether it be an intrigued historical scholar or a children’s Sunday School class, anyone and everyone can enjoy tasting the traditional Passover meal, travelling The Shepherds’ Walk to find baby Jesus, or listening to one of Dr. James Fleming’s lectures.

From a typical ancient tomb to an average olive press, from a traditional shepherd’s tent to a grandiose Roman temple, the EAC’s architecture is historically accurate and structurally phenomenal. However, with several acres of land still untouched, the EAC Team has big plans to continue expanding its exhibits. Their upcoming vision includes creating the Sea of Galilee, along with caravan rides, four educational trails, a Loaves & Fishes Restaurant, and a new administrative building. Those who cannot walk for extended periods of time will enjoy a scenic caravan tour of the Sea of Galilee. People who enjoy nature hikes should consider the four different trails, marked by four different educational paths, and those who enjoy eating tilapia, catfish, and vegetables cooked over a biblical charcoal fire will enjoy their seaside view at the Loaves & Fishes Restaurant.

But everyone knows that extravagant construction requires an extravagant amount of money. The Callaway Foundation has already offered a matching grant, but, the stipulation requires the EAC to raise the first half of the needed money before the Callaway Foundation will donate their half of the money. The total expenses for the Sea of Galilee and all of its extra features will be $1.5 million, so the EAC must raise $750,000 on its own before it can break ground.

This new portion of the EAC is sure to bring additional tourism to our La-Grange community while providing new opportunities for locals as well. If you, a loved one, or your business would like to make a donation to the EAC and its future expansion plans, please call the LaGrange campus at 706-885-0363.

Peyton Hanners Staff Writer