Monday November 28th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Mary’s Kountry Kitchen & Shrimp Bucket: 2219 West Point Road, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 96, Previous Score 95. Health Inspector Comments: No sanitizer in three compartment sink (New Violation).

Checkers: 211 Vernon Street, LaGrange, Ga. Current Score 83, Previous Score 97. Health Inspector Comments: Employee drinks without lids or straws in kitchen area (New Violation), Small cooler not maintaining 41 degrees or below. Ranch dressing 57 degrees, cheese 46 degrees (New Violation), Drawers with chicken bites and Wings not holding at 135 degrees or above. wings 87 degrees, chicken bites 106 degrees (New Violation), Make line toppings not held at 41 degrees or below and not time marked (New Violation), Burger line cook placed raw hamburgers on grill then touched several items with the same gloves on (New Violation),Wiping cloths not put back in sanitizer after use (New Violation), and Scoop for cheesecake cream cheese mixture stored in plain cup between uses, needs to be in running water or water that is 135 degrees or above or cleaned between each use (New Violation).