Operation Christmas Child Returns At LCS

Shoe boxes filled with presents for kids in need is at this point not a new concept but one that is still of vast importance. Sometimes these kids will go without all during Christmas and throughout the rest of the year. Your shoe box could be the one bright and shining moment that they have and it is paramount that this tradition lives on. Lafayette Christian School, along with many local churches and other organizations, has done just that once again this holiday season.

Since 1993, OCC has delivered more than 124 million shoeboxes across 150 countries and territories. This powerful organization has spread cheer, love, and joy across the world and has continued to permeate a powerful spiritual growth in the youth of the world.

Operation Christmas Child is sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse; a company who has teams all across the world and helps sponsor and support many, many different charities. For over 40 years they have grown and spread all the ideals of the Good Samaritan from the Bible all across the globe.

Lafayette Christian School is a board-governed Christian school here in Troup County that has been striving for excellence and making a difference in the community for many years now. From their powerful testament of Community Workday to various other community projects, they are continually and consistently raising the bar of excellence in education, outreach, and spiritual growth. This year, for the twelfth consecutive time, Lafayette Christian has partnered with Samaritan’s Purse to help promote Operation Christmas Child (OCC). This wonderful charity allows people in the community to pack a shoe box full of toys and goodies that are then sent out all across the world and given to children who would not normally have a Christmas. Boxes are filled with toys, treats, and often times, a personal note from a parent or child who packs the box. The importance of this cannot be said enough.

This year, Lafayette’s gym was once again packed all around with shoe boxes stuffed with toys for boys and girls. The boxes were counted and packed into the large cardboard boxes and prepared to be shipped out. This year, the total number of shoe boxes was 2,759. The boxes were then loaded up by a team of volunteers and shipped out to the processing center. Soon they will be in the hands of boys and girls all across the world.

Lafayette’s commitment, along with all of the other organizations that have donated, is shining example to the community. This is a project that has existed within the halls of LCS for nearly 15 years now and there is no telling how many children have been positively impacted, not through toys alone but also through the love of Christ. This is one of the most important things that you can be involved with around the holidays and is sure to make an impact on your life, as well as a child in need.


Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer