The Destiny Ring: A Story Of Pine Mountain

On Friday night, November 18, Light Up Pine Mountain took the downtown area by storm as families, friends, and locals crowded the shops, restaurants, and streets to wait for the big Christmas tree to be lit. Music was playing, decorations were being hung, and an author was signing her book in Dog Gone Good Bargains (a local thrift store that sends all proceeds to the Humane Society of Harris County).

An Athens native, Chloe Sanguine, the author of The Destiny Ring, managed to find what she calls “heaven on earth” in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Her story takes place in Pine Mountain, and her book is best summarized by saying: While in a retirement home, Geneva tells stories of her memories through The Destiny Ring which was given to her by her long lost friend Carson. This story comes alive in all of the wonderful journeys through the ring and a friendship which was never forgotten.

Chloe realizes that many people never pay attention to small towns. People miss out on little city secrets as they pass through the one or two red lights, fly by the antique stores, and overlook the quaint little coffee shops. So in the opening chapter of her book, one of the main characters, Gladys, asks the same question that so many passerby’s might ask, “What is so special about Pine Mountain? “It’s just a little town in Georgia I mean… come on, what happened to you there? Why do you keep GOING there?”

If you want to know the answers to Gladys’ question, purchase a copy of The Destiny Ring online through Amazon. Published on January 27, 2016, this newer book has lots of small town insight and is a quick, easy read for people of all ages.