Wednesday November 30th

Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• On November 26 at 12:54 am, officers responded to the 200 block of North View Pointe Drive for a report of Criminal Trespass.

Upon arrival, they met with the victim who stated that his girlfriend, Jessica Costley, was over at his house drinking when she got very intoxicated and just went off on him about his sister. The victim then said he got up and handed Costley her phone and her keys and asked her to leave. The victim then told officers Costley got into his car and started to blow the horn. Costley allegedly got out of his car and started to bang on the window, and then he believes that she threw a rock through the dining room window causing it to break.

The victim then told officers that Costley left for a few minutes and then returned. When she returned she went to the backyard and threw a metal patio chair against the back window. The victim then stated Costley went around the front of the house and climbed in through the broken window.

When officers arrived the victim was outside in the driveway drinking a beer. He stated that Costley was in the house and he wanted her to leave. Police then entered the house and made contact with Costley and told her she had to leave.

Costley explained to the officers that she was looking for her phone and that the victim had it. Officers asked the victim if he had her phone and he stated that she threw it on the ground. A few minutes later the phone was located.

Officers gave instructions to Costley to stay by her car while they went and talked to the victim. On several occasions, Costley walked over to where officers were talking to the victim and started to yell. They explained to Costley several times that they needed her to go back to her car.

Costley, age 29, was arrested and taken to the Troup County Sheriff’s Officer for Disorderly Conduct.

• On November 28, at approximately 4:39 am, officers arrived at the 200 block of Big Springs Mountville Road in reference to a Robbery/ Rape and made contact with a Marcus Gerrod Russell.

After speaking with Marcus, it was determined that Marcus had an active arrest warrant for Contempt of Court. After placing Marcus in the patrol car, officers began investigating the Robbery/Rape which had occurred at Big Springs Mountville Road.

A female on location was placed in the back seat of the car due to adverse weather conditions while police gathered evidence at the property.

This incident is still under investigation.

• On November 25, at approximately 5:30 pm, officers began responding to the 300 block of Greenville Street regarding a burglary in progress. This building was formerly a homeless shelter and a local doctor’s office.

As officers arrived in the area, contact was made with a male and female subject at the western most entrance as described by the 911 caller. In addition, as officers arrived, so did a Mazda truck which was occupied by April Lord and Crystal Smith.

The last officers spoke with Smith and Lord to determine why they were at the location and what (if any of) their involvement was in the incident that had been called in. Officers were able to make contact with the owner/key holder of the building and determined that a male subject was staying there.

However, there were some pretty specific parameters in place that no one else was to be on the property. With that, officers asked Lord for consent to search the truck, and she quickly agreed without hesitation.

While searching the truck, a marijuana blunt was located in the center portion of the dash, just below where the radio would be housed. Neither female claimed the contraband. While conducting searches incident to arrest, another blunt was located in Smith’s cigarette pouch which was half smoked.

Based on where the marijuana was found, Lord, age 35, and Smith, age 28, were arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana.

• On November 26 at 10:20 pm, officers responded in a non-emergency manner to the 1500 block of Hogansville Road in reference to a fight in progress call.

While in route, Troup County 911 said Joshua Perry had jumped on all three occupants of the residence and they were still arguing outside. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim in a separate parking lot because she was attempting to get away from Perry.

The victim stated she came home and was assaulted by her boyfriend of 17 years, Joshua Perry. She appeared to be fearful. She was crying and visibly upset. She said that she was sore on both shoulders and her knees were scraped up from being thrown down.

The victim stated Perry was still at the apartment where she left from. Officers made their way to the apartment. Before getting to the door, Perry came outside on the back porch and saw officers approaching.

Perry stated that he had been dating the victim for 17 years and he was done with the relationship. He stated when she came home, he told her that she needed to get her stuff out and they (the victim and her children) were not coming in. After the arguing and cursing had accelerated, one of the men took a swing at Perry. The victim then got between her son and Perry and was assaulted at that time, being thrown around.

Perry, age 42, was arrested, taken to the Troup County Jail and charged with Battery.

• On November 28, at approximately 12:36 am, officers responded in a nonemergency manner to a residence located at the 2200 block of Mooty Bridge Road in reference to a burglary that had already occurred.

Upon arriving on scene, they made contact with the victim who stated she just arrived back home with friends when one of the friends was transported to the emergency room for labor pains. The victim informed officers she left from the residence at approximately midnight and stated when she arrived home she noticed one of the windows on the side of the residence was broken out.

The victim stated they tried entering inside the residence, but found the deadbolt on the front door appeared to have been tampered with. The victim told officers that her house key would not fit into the deadbolt to unlock the door. The victim believed someone jammed something into the lock to prevent it from being opened.

The only thing missing was a brown leather bar stool that was sitting outside of the residence in the driveway. One of the friends stated that prior to the victim arriving to pick him up and going to the hospital with her, three guys from a couple houses down the road came to the location and began asking questions about the friend that was in labor.

These men seemed sketchy and had a lot of prior knowledge about the house and the previous owners. Investigation is still ongoing.