Monday December 12th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Gardner Newman Middle School: 101 S. Shannon Drive, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 100, Previous Score 99. No comments by Health Inspectors.

Frontporch BBQ: 305 S. 29 Hwy, Hogansville, GA. Current Score 94, Previous Score 100. Health Inspector Comments: Thawing stew at room temperature (New Violation) and Hair not properly restrained (New Violation).

Hogansville Active Life: 304 Church Street, Hogansville, GA. Current Score 100, Previous Score 100. No comments by Health Inspectors.

Hong Kong Express: 1501 Lafayette Parkway, LaGrange, GA 30241. Current Score 90, Previous Score 95. Health Inspector Comments: Buckets of sauce uncovered, stored low. When cooling sauces, store higher loosely covered. Other sauces need to be covered (New Violation), Large buckets of sauce need to be stirred while cooling, possibly ice baths, loosely covered with enough air space around to facilitate cooling (New Violation), and Wet wiping cloths left on counters, must be returned to a bucket with sanitizer water (New Violation).