Christ’s Corner

With this Christ’s Corner, I’ve decided to use one of my Dad’s from Christmas time a few years ago. As we grow, we learn all about the different religions, beliefs, and cultures. Some would often question the Paganism in our modern celebrations, but as many of you know, my Dad had a very different outlook on most things. He had revelation and incite most would only hope to acquire. So, with that, I leave you my Dad’s amazing words: “In case you might have been questioned about your Christmas tree; let me share what a Christmas tree means to me.

On top, a star reminds me where I want to go, or an angel reminds me that Jesus made it so.

The lights tell me Jesus is the light of the world and I am to let my light shine also in this world.

The different decorations, so pretty and bright, remind me of heaven and its eternal light.

The garland wrapped around the tree holding it so tight, remind me of God’s wonderful love and all of His great might.

The gifts piled under the tree that’s given just to me, remind me of Jesus and His love for me.

As I stand off and look upon my Christmas tree, I realize it was cut and killed to be a blessing just for me. So you see friend, I don’t worship that tree. I worship God who MADE that tree.

MERRY CHRISTMAS God Bless; Walter D. Hill D. Min.”

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