Hogansville City Council Cover Police Statistics

The City Council of Hogansville held one of their regularly scheduled meetings this past Monday, December 19 to discuss various items in and around the city. The Council had several pieces of business to attend to at this particular meeting.

The first item on the agenda was a Citizen’s Appearance from Valerie Buice. Buice was there to discuss the hiring of the new Community Development Director. At the last meeting, the board approved the hiring of a person to become the new Community Development Director, a decision that was very divisive amongst members of the Council. A couple of the members felt as if this was a rushed decision and voiced their concerns. However, the vote carried none the less. At the meeting last Monday night, Buice had several questions for the Mayor and council as to what this person will be responsible for. The Mayor and Council answered her questions to the best of their ability.

Also on hand that night was the Director of the Troup-Harris Regional Library System, Keith Schuermann. Keith was there to thank the council for the recent opening of the new Hogansville Public Library. The ribbon cutting and the grand opening of the library had occurred less than a week prior to the meeting and has already garnered great success for the community.

Also on this night, the Council poured over some of the police statistics and the code enforcement reports. The Council seemed very interested by the number and to see how the crime rate has shifted and flowed in their city. After several minutes of looking over the numbers, the council also discussed with Chief Brian Harr ways they could make these statistics more available on their website.

Lastly on this evening, the Mayor and Council decided on several dates for upcoming meetings. The next called meeting will take place on December 29 at 5 pm. In addition, there will be a public hearing, a regular meeting, and a work session that will be held on January 3 at 7 pm. These January meetings could be taking place in the new Council chamber at the newly opened library. More details on this will be presented as they are made available.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer